Complete administrative support

What is included

Nominee service and professional directorship. International structuring, professional, legal and tax advice, support at all stages.

Registration for tax purposes, registration for VAT, VIES, EORI. Accounting services, compliance with tax legislation, compliance with the requirements and norms for VAT, Tax, VAT and VIES compliance.

Full legal support, including preparation, drafting and execution of corporate documents (legal opinions, contracts, powers of attorney, minutes of meetings, etc.).

Assuring full compliance to the law regulations and requirements in relevant jurisdictions.

Transfer of company administration, change of the Registered Agent and resolving complex issues and disputes, including complex situations with banks. Changes in the corporate structure of companies in accordance with the law requirements and regulations of the particular jurisdiction.

Cross-border mergers of companies and redomiciliation of companies from different jurisdictions. Resolving complex and conflict situations.


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