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KHGP LTD is an Adminisrative Service Provider under CySEC License No. 188/196.

The Company was established in November 2016, combining the efforts, experience, views and potential of successful young professionals with more than ten years of experience in the field of administrative services, corporate governance and law, both in Cyprus and abroad.

Firm with an innovative thinking and approach, 24/7 client support and complete solutions for modern and dynamic business.

Why Cyprus?

Cyprus is  very well known tourist destination with it's stunning  landscapes, ancient cultural heritage and leisure facilities.However, since decades attracts also business professionals and prosperous investors.  Island performs  major role in structuring and establishing, local and  international activities with strategic location- bridging Europe, Asia and Africa. 

  • Highly specialized human capital
  • Reliable legislative and regulatory framework
  • Stable tax system
  • EU citizenship by Investment options
  • Permanent Residency program


These are only few important factors why it is essential to consider Cyprus for Your succession.

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